Bauer - D Street
Bauer - E 22nd
Bauer - 39th St
Bauer - E Street
Bauer - Esther Street
Bauer - W 24th
Bauer - G Street
Bauer - Shumway
Bauer - w 21st
Bauer - Fourth Plain
Bauer - Main Street
Bauer - Washington Street
Bauer - Arnada
Bauer - Broadway
Bauer - H Street
Bauer - e 24th

Press Release

Marlene Bauer presents small works on paper in the exhibition I Street. The pieces refer to the earliest memories of the artist, recalling street names and old apartment buildings. In a broader sense, the works evoke the beginning, separation, loss and an attempt to make sense of our political climate. The misty atmosphere in relates to our regional climate, a haze of memory and comfort.