Gabe Fernandez  Jim's Gas Station, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Jack's in Caldwell, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Backlit Airstream, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Newberg Grain, 2022
Gabe Fernandez Grade School Woodburn  2022
Gabe Fernandez  Stephen's Neighborhood, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Cousin Cathy's Math Hall, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Netty's Chairs #1, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Netty's Chair #2, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Airstream #10, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Airstream Interior, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Two Orange Chairs/Table, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Mt. Angel Parking Lot, 2021
Gabe Fernandez  Two Orange Chairs and Refrigerator, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  Duck, 2022
Gabe Fernandez  64 Ford Fairlane, 2022

Press Release

For the month of April, Russo Lee Gallery is pleased to present Gabe Fernandez: First Person. Fernandez continues his interest in minimal, mid-century nostalgia, with paintings that feature an uncluttered and unpeopled world. Empty chairs in rooms, quiet suburban streets, and gleaming Airstream trailers are all hallmarks of his work. This exhibition will also debut his exploration of night scenes within an urban landscape, where neon and fluorescence give light and color to the subject matter.

Portland artist Gabe Fernandez received his BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. He has exhibited his paintings widely throughout the Pacific Northwest and California since the 1990s, and his work is in numerous collections including Schoolhouse Electric in Portland, OR and New York, NY, and the St. Andrew Nativity School in Portland, OR. He has exhibited at the Schomburg Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, the Portland Art Museum in Portland, OR, and the Umpqua Valley Art Association in Roseburg, OR, among others. Recently, his work was included in Inside Game at the Seattle Art Museum.