Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Absorb and Release, 2021
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Gloaming Glow, 2021
Transient, 2021  oil on linen
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Enduring, 2021
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Dilate, 2021
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Monument Stone, 2021
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Nursery, 2021
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Stacks, 2020
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Still Life on Tortoise Shell, 2021
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Meltdown, 2021
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Pop Up, 2020
Chris Russell (b. 1983)  Time Table, 2020

Press Release

Russo Lee Gallery is excited to exhibit Our New Age by Chris Russell for the month of June. Previously the artist’s themes celebrated the great outdoors, but this new body of work is comprised of both interiors and landscape. They reveal a double-edged sword of wonder and unease in an increasingly changing world. The interiors, with their still-life arrangements, recall the historical theme of Vanitas, symbolizing the transience of life and the smooth gluttony of contemporary life. These works form a counterpoint to landscape paintings that acknowledge a fragile ecosystem while presenting a seemingly vast, abundant resource to be used. Born in Colorado, Russell received his BFA from the California College of the Arts. His work has been exhibited in San Francisco, CA, and Turin, Italy.