Dana Lynn Louis work added to RACC Portable Works Collection

Following up on our story from last fall, RACC is pleased to announce that 56 artworks by 39 artists have been added to the Portable Works Collection of smaller scale artworks that rotate through City and County office facilities. This collection focuses primarily on the work of Northwest artists.

In September, 2014, RACC  issued an open call to artists from Oregon and Washington and received 287 applications. A panel reviewed over one thousand artworks before they selected the 56 works that were purchased.  A portion of these works have already been placed in the recently renovated Multnomah County SE Health Center and additional works will be placed in a variety of other community settings in the coming months. All artworks can be viewed on racc.org’s Public Art Search page or by perusing this Portable Works pdf.

The following is a list of artists whose artworks were purchased. All of the artists are new to the Portable Works collection or were previously under-represented:

Sarah Abbott, Sandra K. Banister, Romson Regarde Bustillo, Ben Buswell, Cecily Mariece Caceu, Gwen Davidson, Tallmadge Doyle, Amjad S. Faur, Judith Poxson Fawkes, Kevin Felts, Gary Groves, Julia Haack, Midori Hirose, Fay Jones, IRCO’s Asian Pacific Islanders Women’s sewing group, Justin L'Amie, Kim Lakin, Ruth Lantz, Ellen Lesperance, Dana Lynn Louis, Janet Marcavage, Virginia Paquette, Kristin Pesola, Shaun Peterson (Qwalsius), Ryan Pierce, Lillian Pitt,  Ralph Pugay, Jan Reaves, Crystal Schenk, Naomi Shigeta, Deb Stoner, Sarah Teasdale, Terry Toedtemeier, Liz Tran, Samantha Wall, Marie Watt, Christy Wyckoff, Linda Wysong, Susan Zoccola.