Art Conversations 2018: Collecting Power: Art Agency and Community

On Thursday, September 20 at 6:00 p.m., Russo Lee Gallery will be hosting Art Conversations 2018: Collecting Power: Art Agency and Community, an evening of conversation with Samantha Wall, Lisa Jarrett, Melanie Stevens, and Ashley Stull Meyers. 

All women of color, all transplants to the Portland area, and all actively involved in the northwest visual art scene, the panelists will take us on a wide-ranging discussion of their experiences, struggles, and frustrations in navigating a predominantly white visual art world in Portland and beyond, as well as their hopes and their vision for the role that the visual arts can play in creating a more diverse and inclusive community in which to work and thrive.

This is the seventh installment of PADA's Art Conversations 2018, a monthly series of gallery talks focused on art collecting and the arts ecology of our city, which will continue through December 2018.


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