Roll Hardy depicts society’s bleak urban cast-offs with a lively and impressionistic touch that focuses new attention on forgotten spaces. The derelict and abandoned locales that Hardy paints come to embody a mysterious history of intended and illicit uses. Working further afield and occasionally in a larger scale for these new works, Hardy reveals a profusion of dispossessed places. An adept painter, Hardy finds a beauty in this difficult and immediate subject matter through his unique perspective and soulful interpretation, aiming “to present a different view where mystery and possibility thrive and change can take hold.” Hardy’s paintings represent the first step in considering such possibility, bringing detached places back into the society that left them behind.



A native of New Hampshire, Roll Hardy moved to the Northwest and graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2002. As a promising young painter, he received several scholarships during his studies including the C.S. Price Award for Painting in 2002, Thesis Prize, Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2002, and The Venice Foundation Painting Scholarship, 2000-02. His work has been included in many local group shows and is part of the Visual Chronicle of Portland collection.