Although influenced by the national art scene, Carl Morris was deeply committed to this region becoming one of the most historically significant artists to come out of the Northwest. He strived to express the absolute beauty found in nature and took as his inspiration the surrounding landscape. His unique application of paint creates a luminous surface and his colors, whether applied abstractly or calligraphically, have a dynamic presence and tonality. Carl Morris was able to create a powerful physicality through his painting style in which a spiritual content still resonates. This exhibition includes many works not yet publicly seen.

Early education led Carl Morris from California to the Chicago Art Institute, then to Vienna and Paris. Though he had worldwide ties and opportunities, Morris chose to make his home in Portland, living and working here from 1941 on. He was connected to the New York School in the 1950s through his friendship with Mark Rothko and his exhibitions at the Kraushaar Galleries. Regionally, he was grouped with the Northwest Mystical School which included Mark Tobey, Morris Graves and Kenneth Callahan. He has been recognized by museums across the country and his work has been reviewed and profiled extensively in numerous publications.  His paintings have been exhibited internationally and are included in public and private collections around the world. Morris died in 1993 at the age of 82.